We are on the battlefront fighting against COVID-19!

We are proud to support over a dozen COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic treatment trials, including high profile time-sensitive multinational trials, to help bring relief to public safety and health, and to those who are suffering.

We are inspired by and love the work we do. While our work has always driven meaningful impact to addressing health and safety of the global community, the COVID-19 clinical trials are especially important to us. They help imminently reduce suffering and curtail COVID-19 infection rates around the world, and ultimately help bring businesses and people’s lives back to a new normal. 

Through our work with new and longstanding clients amongst the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, mid-sized biopharma, smaller biotechnology companies and research institutions, Everest is proud to be engaged in over a dozen clinical trials supporting COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic treatments research projects. We are supporting high profile, high priority multinational  vaccine trials that involve 50,000+ participants, as well as other smaller regional therapeutic treatment trials. Due to the time-sensitive, high profile and high impact nature of this work, our clinical research teams are working tirelessly to meet the demands of these projects, with utmost priority and quality.  

COVID-19 Trials require quick turnaround times and unique expertise. We have designed and adapted our services to suit the needs of such fast-paced and critical research. We have the ability to help devise efficient and fulsome trial design and statistical plans, enable quick clinical database development timelines, provide agile remote site monitoring plans and approaches, and run effective Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs) and Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) sessions whilst providing quick turnaround on critical data to support safety assessments and accelerated regulatory submissions.  

We look forward to continuing to drive critical COVID-19 research with our clients and partners and fight together for a better tomorrow.    

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