Team Norms

Everest believes that professional conduct and team member mutual respect are key attributes to all business activities.

Well-planned and efficiently conducted team activities are poised for success. Participation by all team members provides balanced effective business results. A positive culture, workplace enjoyment, and employee satisfaction has lead Everest to success. The following team norms promote the success and professionalism of all business activities at Everest.

  • Engage in CCAC (Customer Focused, Can-Do-Spirit, Advanced Technology, and Continuous Improvement) behaviors.
  • Every member is responsible for the team's progress and success.
  • The team will strive for consensus, but will defer to expertise.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure his or her voice is heard.
  • Listen to and show respect for the contributions of other members; be an active listener.
  • Focus discussion on the ideas, not the people.
  • Resolve conflicts constructively.
  • Attendance at meetings is important. Be on time and come whenever possible.
  • The chairperson of the meeting will update those who are absent.
  • No rank during a meeting.
  • Pay attention during meetings - avoid disruptive behavior.
  • Avoid side conversations in meetings.
  • Everyone participates - no one dominates.
  • Be succinct; avoid long anecdotes and examples.

Most importantly we believe everyone should HAVE FUN!

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