Systems Security and Disaster Recovery

Everest has implemented a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning and IT Disaster Recovery program.

The program mandate is to ensure employee safety and prepare each of our office locations for potential disruptive events so that critical services, functions, and applications will be restored as quickly as possible.

Testing of the backup infrastructure, applications and services is conducted annually. This provides an opportunity to ensure technologies and procedures function as expected, and that any issues are addressed proactively. A co-location facility hosts warm standby services running business critical applications with data synchronized to servers several times daily to guarantee data and services can be restored with minimal disruption to the operation and clients. Technology such as Virtual Private Networking enables staff to connect to the disaster recovery infrastructure and continue working with minimal disruption. Additional hardware redundancies and technologies are in place to ensure the availability of business critical applications and access to clients’ study data.

Access to Trial Sponsors’ Networks/Systems

Everest has developed partnerships with a number of major pharmaceutical companies.

In some cases, Everest personnel are authorized with secure access to the clients’ networks and systems to work seamlessly with these clients’ internal staff teams, and gain efficiency and convenience in using the clients’ existing standards. Everest has an experienced IT team to enable and maintain the connectivity of these systems.

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