Quality Management System

Everest’s Quality Management System assists project teams to collaborate with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in developing and commercializing their products with high quality and cost-effectiveness.

The tasks performed by Everest staff are governed by standard processes and procedures described in our governing documents. These governing documents form the foundation for Everest's success. They include policies, standard operating procedures, working instructions, process maps, training materials, and a Quality Management System Manual.

A robust approach to quality and process management ensures quality is an integral part of the design and development of all products and services at Everest. This approach comprises the following 8 quality management principles:

  1. Customer Focus

  2. Leadership

  3. Involvement of People

  4. Process Approach

  5. System Approach to Management

  6. Continuous Improvement

  7. Factual Approach to Decision Making

  8. Mutually Beneficial Relationship

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