Interactive Response Technologies (IRT)

Interactive web-based response system (IWRS) technology streamlines and efficiently manages subject randomization and drug supply for your clinical trials.

Everest has a long history of using web technology in enabling effective clinical trial management for multi-country trials. Everest’s web technology and statistical talents are capable of designing and implementing various (from simple to complex) randomization designs and drug supply management solutions.

With a standard web browser, robust and customizable functionalities, as well as easy-to-use and self-explaining user interface, IWRS is a better choice over interactive voice-response systems (IVRS) for trial subject randomization and drug supply management.

Everest’s IWRS services include:

  1. Subject registration, randomization, and enrollment, based on the study design, sample size estimation, and subject randomization requirements and procedures.

  2. Drug supply and inventory management.

    • Subject visit and dosing requirements

    • Drug supply flow

    • Central and local depots

    • Shipment methods

    • Quantity on initial release and re-supply

    • Auto-resupply

    • Handling of damaged drugs

    • Low inventory alerts

    • Drug supply and inventory monitoring reports

  3. Subject emergency unblinding.

  4. Real-time online reports.

  5. Training and support services.

    • IWRS User Manual

    • Dedicated support email

    • 24/7 toll-free helpdesk support

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