DMC/DSMB Administration

Everest’s statistical and data management teams have strong experience in supporting Data Monitoring Committee (DMC)/Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) activities.

Everest’s DMC/DSMB Administrators efficiently coordinate between committee members, statistical/data management teams, and the trial sponsors. All of our DMC/DSMB activities have been conducted smoothly and successfully.

  1. Administration of Clinical Study DMC/DSMBs.
  2. Write charters for clinical study DMC/DSMB.
  3. Identify and engage board members.
  4. Design and develop study data review summary tables, subject data listings, and graphs (TLGs).
  5. Generate and validate study data review TLGs and provide them to the DMC/DSMB prior to the data review meetings.
  6. Schedule and facilitate DMC/DSMB meetings, take meeting minutes (DMC/DSMB Secretary).
  7. Interact and communicate with trial sponsor and regulatory agencies on behalf of the sponsor in accordance with the DMC/DSMB Charter.

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