Clinical Project Management and Operations

Today’s clinical trials rely more than ever on the highest efficiencies in managing the flow of information to and from investigative sites.

This requires us to confirm that the right treatment is administered by qualified site personnel to the appropriate patient population, the responses to those treatments are measured at the right time, and those measurements are reported accurately and on time.

Everest has grown on a legacy of providing high performing statistical and data management services to become a data- and information- driven, quality- and customer service-focused full service Contract Research Organization (CRO). Everest is now utilizing its strengths in facilitating data generation and performing data quality management to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical trial design, management, and site monitoring.

Everest’s clinical project management and operations teams are providing:

  • Highest efficiencies in trial data collection
  • Data- and information-driven integration processes for all functions involved in the trial
  • Better information quality
  • More market opportunities
  • Improved competitive position

Through technical assessment of site performance potential, use of the most efficient study designs, and the application of risk-based monitoring methodologies, Everest is improving the way clinical trials are being conducted.

Our Key Services Include:

  • Clinical Project Management
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Investigator/Site Relations and Recruitment
  • Site Regulatory Document Collection
  • IRB Support
  • Trial Master File Management
  • Clinical Trial Management System Input

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Everest’s Investigational Site Registry

We work with high performing investigational sites in North America, Europe and other global regions to bring innovative drug and medical device trials to researchers and patients. If you are interested in joining our investigator site registry, please provide us your information so that we may contact you for pertinent upcoming studies.

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