Argus Safety Database

For clinical trial pharmacovigilance/drug safety surveillance services, Everest uses Oracle Argus as the primary safety platform.

Oracle Argus is a comprehensive pharmacovigilance platform which enables pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial organizations to make faster and better safety decisions, optimize global compliance, and easily integrate risk management. Oracle Argus provides deep and integrated safety functionality out of the box that scales to millions of cases and easily aligns with your safety and business processes. The software enables a highly scalable end-to-end safety process providing automated global case processing, periodic reporting, E2B intake and submission, comprehensive reporting, detailed analytics, and Japanese safety operations from within a single system.

Key features of Argus include:

  • Integrated, highly scalable end-to-end safety platform
  • Single global database
  • Common code base
  • Regular release schedule
  • Automated global case processing
  • Periodic reporting
  • E2B exchange
  • Scientific querying
  • Detailed analytics
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Health Sciences InForm EDC Suite

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